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 Building Your Authentic Brand

 Instructor: Lyle Burns

Number of classes: four sessions, weekly on Thursdays, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Dates: February 7, 14, 21 and 28

Cost: $25 per session or $80 for the four-week course. You can take any individual class to learn about that specific topic, or enroll in the full course to get the big picture (and save $5 per class).

Are you an artist, manager or label with great music but you have no idea how to explain what makes you unique?

Do you want to create content that emotionally connects with the right fans and followers and inspires them to talk about you to their friends? Or do you need to reinvent your image to creatively connect with fans?

Do you want to sell out more shows and attract lucrative opportunities that are right for you? Then you need to define your brand and tell your authentic story to find your market.

This series of classes is designed to teach you how to communicate your brand to the right target audience so you can convert them to a community of fans who speak about you and tell their friends about your music.

Week One (February 7)

Defining Your Brand: Mission, vision and values

 First, we'll take the time to really understand what a brand is, how it impacts your career, and what are the essentials things to define and keep in mind when crafting and communicating your brand. Then we'll complete some exercises that will allow you to set the foundation for the brand that will carry you through this course and your career.

Week Two (February 14)

Finding Your Niche Audience

Your fans must be at the center of your brand's focus, but do you really understand who your audience? In this session we'll dive into why a targeted niche is important for success, how to gather information to understand your fans better, and we'll complete exercises to determine what is the ideal audience for you and your brand and how to best connect with that audience. 

Week Three (February 21)

Making Your Brand Influential:  personality, storytelling and brand elements

To make your brand stick with people, you need to make it feel alive and part of people's lives. In this session we'll focus on how to bring your brand to life by giving it a personality, a strong story, and we'll cover the 10 elements that make an influential brand that you can use to make your brand feel more substantial.

Week Four (February 28)

Communicating your brand:  visual branding, community building, content marketing and analytics)

All this work on crafting your brand won't mean much if you can't effectively communicate and share it with the world. In this final session we'll go over how to effectively communicate your brand using visuals, community building, content marketing, and how analytics can help you grow faster and hone your messages.


Lyle Burns is a creative consultant and Strategist, and co-founder of The Noise Complaints Group. Lyle partners with creatives, managers, and companies to grow their professional brands, build their fanbases and develop career and monetization strategies. In addition to working with artists, he provides strategic consulting for non-profits, startups, and major corporations like Microsoft, focusing on marketing strategy and operations. He brings this knowledge and experience to creatives to help them operate like a business, empowering them to bring their ideas to life.


The Noise Complaints Group is a team of creative brand consultants who work with artists, managers and labels to develop their brands and strategically build a community of loyal followers using creative marketing. Our mission is to help you create your art without compromise and build a sustainable career.