Mosaic Sound Collective

A sustainability model for the Austin music community and beyond.

Community Kirtan

A community collaborative music creation and live meditation event

Hosts / musicians: Jessica Falscroft, Haley Harkin, David Nuss, Shiloh Travis, Vic Wheeler, and Sarah Martin

Number of Sessions: one

Date/Time: Sunday, February 24, (4PM-6PM)

Cost: Donations accepted

 Kirtan is a different kind of music experience -  less a performance, more a journey into the self through the practice of listening & singing. The word kirtan comes from Sanskrit. Based on ancient chants, it has the ability to quiet and focus the mind, becoming a meditation and helping to bring one back to the core of their being.

 Performers and attendees create the experience together through call and response. You don’t need to be a “singer” to attend. Come listen, or join through voice, movement, or instrument. Bring your drums and shakers! If you have a back jack or sitting cushion, feel free to bring that, as well.

We gather intentionally in love to raise our voices and vibration for the benefit of all.