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Nature at Work for Creativity, Health and Fulfilment

Instructor: Rolando Balli of

Number of Sessions: one

Date/Time: Monday, March 4 (7PM - 8PM)

Cost: Free

Nature improves thinking, creativity and well-being. We've all experienced what magical impact nature can have on us during our leisure time, yet most of us haven't applied the power of nature in our work. So what holds us back to work outdoors and embrace nature in our workspaces? Learn why we need nature and how you can intentionally integrate nature into your work habits to produce inspiring and creative results.

About the instructor:

Rolando Balli has a diverse background from IT Sales to Human Resources, including entrepreneurship. He led the implementation of Dell’s Connected Workplace initiative, utilizing technology and distributed working to improve employee engagement and reduce facilities costs, while also decreasing Dell’s carbon footprint. Rolando has founded 3 companies including a real estate management company, an outdoor living construction company. and most recently, Ozadi.  Ozadi’s goal is to utilize nature to improve the health and productivity of individuals, teams and organizations through advocacy, education, and guidance. We use nature as a transformative tool for a more successful work life. Rolando is passionate about the future of work, outdoor living (and working). He is an avid adventurer and enjoys spending his free time in the outdoors and traveling.