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 Road Dog Yoga™


Instructor: David Nuss

Number of Sessions: one


Sunday, February 24 (2:45 - 3:45 PM)

Cost: $5

Road Dog Yoga classes are taught by folks who have traveled this road with you. Tailored to music pros aiming to incorporate healthy movement into their unique lifestyles, Road Dog Yoga restores focus of mind and integrity of body so you can do what you do better and more sustainably, while increasing strength and lowering risk of injury.

About the Instructor:

David Nuss has been touring since age 16, playing drums around the world a dozen times from Japan to Ukraine, and performing on over 100 albums. He credits his yoga practice for the ability to still be touring and recording strong well into his fourth decade, free from sidelining issues experienced by many of his contemporaries. Through Road Dog Yoga, David shares ideas on how to be a lifer in the music biz.